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Jim McGrann joins Sleep BioLogics Board of Directors

Sleep BioLogics, Inc, the successor by merger to RV Winkle, LLC,  owner of the BioPosture™ brand of doctor recommended infrared enhanced mattresses, announced today that Jim McGrann, formerly President/CEO of VSP Global, is joining the Company's Board and has taken an equity position in Sleep BioLogics, Inc.

VSP Global is a $5 billion company that owns VSP Vision Care, the largest healthcare company in the world, by membership, with over 78 million enrolled members and a network of 32,000 eye doctors in the United States, Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.

Prior to joining VSP Global in 2008 as president of Eyefinity, McGrann (pictured above) served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for nine years at Marchon Eyewear, Inc. In 2010, he became VSP Global's Chief Technology Officer and CEO for Eyefinity. In 2012, he became President of VSP Vision Care and President and CEO of VSP Global in 2015.

RVW acquired the BioPosture brand in late 2016. Management introduced an Internet centric B2B marketing strategy in 2017, which has proven successful and which is ready to be scaled up as an integrated B2B/B2C omni channel marketing strategy.  Currently, BioPosture Mattresses, Pillows and Bed Toppers, are marketing through over 1800 licensed health care providers, in all 50 states.

BioPosture products are manufactured "on-order" in the US.  This allows BioPosture mattresses to be manufactured without the federally-mandated fire retardant chemicals...with a Letter of Medical Necessity from a Licensed Network Provider.

All BioPosture products feature Celliant technology and have recently been determined by the FDA to be "medical devises" and "general wellness products" as defined in Section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act.  In an agreement with Hologenix, LLC, the developer and patent holder of Celliant, RVW as been awarded exclusively in providing Celliant features and benefits to and through Licensed Healthcare Providers.

Celliant, with infrared-emitting ceramic particles, has been clinically-validated to recycle the body's naturally-emitted energy in the form of infrared rays.  The effect of this is to temporarily promote increased local blood flow, resulting in increased oxygen delivery at the cellular level. This supports faster recovery as well as more restful sleep.

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