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Enjoy improved patient outcomes and passive income by joining the BioPosture Network.  Earn up to $500 per transaction as a referral and as much as $800 per transaction as a re-seller of BioPosture Mattresses.BIOPOSTURE™ PRODUCTS WITH CELLIANT® ARE DETERMINED TO BE “MEDICAL DEVICES” AND “GENERAL WELLNESS PRODUCTS” BY THE FDA AND ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH LICENSED HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS WHO JOIN THE BIOPOSTURE NETWORK.

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BioPosture is the Doctor-preferred maker of BioMemoryFoam Mattresses, BedToppers, and BioPillows.

Join with leading Healthcare Professionals including Doctors to top professional sports teams who enjoy lucrative passive income, by recommending or re-selling BioPosture technology-enhanced sleep products to their patients.

  • BioPosture BioMemoryFoam Mattresses, BedToppers and BioPillows, enhanced with Celliant for infrared wellness benefits, have been the brand of Chiropractors and related Licensed Healthcare Professionals for nearly 10 years.
  • BioPosture employs an e-commerce platform that streamlines the patient purchase process.
Join today and you qualify for 50% off a BioPosture mattress for your personal use! Use BIODC to enter the mattress pages for doctors only!

The BioPosture advantages:

  • Made on order in America and shipped free within the “lower 48” states.
  • Can be manufactured without the chemical fire retardant with Letter of Medical Necessity.
  • Covered in Celliant, a patented textile providing clinically-proven and FDA-determined infrared health benefits.
  • 98% customer satisfaction.
  • “90 Good Nights’ Sleep” risk-free comfort guarantee for your patients
  • Special discounts to Doctors and staff for personal use.
  • Network Doctors receive patient marketing support at no cost.
  • 24/7/365 Call Center support.


Susan MetoxenLifetime Membership (Regularly $59), NOW FREE!