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BioMemoryFoam Cervical (Wave) Pillow



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The only pillow, with Celliant® technology, determined to be a "MEDICAL DEVICE" by the FDA


  • A pillow that provides support of the head and neck whether you sleep on your back or side.
  • Sensitive to pressure and weight, it adjusts to fit your body shape and aligns for optimum cervical support.
  • The only doctor recommended pillow that uses Celliant.
  • Determined a medical device by the FDA.
  • Supports improved local blood flow to alleviate neck strain, headaches, morning stiffness, and discomfort from arthritic conditions.
  • Sleeps cool...made with open cell BioMemoryFoam.

The BioPosture Cervical Wave Pillows are designed to be optimally supportive for both side and back sleepers. The lower "lobe" is for back sleepers. The higher is for side sleepers.

In many cases, your pillow can be as important as your mattress, to obtain a good nights sleep. Dr. Rich Coopersmith, the former head of the Connecticut Chiropractic Association, refers to a pillow as a ""mattress for your head". After all, it's critically important to obtain the optimal spinal support for your head while you sleep

The BioPosture BioMemoryFoam Cervical Wave Pillows are designed to be supportive for both side and back sleepers.

The BioPosture‰ Low Wave Cervical Pillow is 24" wide with "lobes" of 3" and 4.5". The lower "lobe" is for back sleepers. The higher is for side sleepers.

The High Wave Cervical pillow is also 24" wide but features higher 4" and 5.5" "lobes".

Both sizes are specially constructed from the finest open cell 4 lb. SmartTemp BioMemoryFoam that provides the perfect combination of ambient temperature comfort and support.

Every BioPosture pillow is finished using the same removable, washable Celliant fabric used on our BioPosture mattresses. Celliant is clinically-proven to offer substantial infrared wellness benefits proven effective even through pillow protectors and pillow cases.

All BioPosture BioMemoryFoam Pillows are made in the USA.

My extremely sore and tender cervical spine problem of several months has gone away. Totally! No more neck pain. Seems unlikely to be a coincidence because I noticed an improvement after just 1-2 nights using the pillow.

--Ron J, St. Louis, MO

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