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Mattress Installation

Step 1 showing removing the mattress

Remove the mattress from the box. Your BioPosture mattress will be delivered to your home, compressed and  in a box. You might find your mattress easier to carry, out of the box, in the plastic wrap.

Step 2 showing the mattress positioning
Position the mattress. Bring the compressed mattress into the destination room, still wrapped in plastic. Place the wrapped mattress on the bed. You will need a scissor to cut the plastic where it is heat sealed. Once punctured, you can rip the plastic off. Be careful not to accidentally damage the mattress fabric cover (“ticking”).
step 3 showing the mattress expanding
Unroll and expand. As you remove the plastic wrap, the mattress will unroll and begin to recover to it’s full height. Depending on temperature, this may take between 15-30 minutes. Your mattress will feel soft until it fully recovers, which can take up to 24 hours, but usually occurs in about 6 hours. Once fully recovered, you can enjoy “sleeping in natural balance”.