90 “Good Nights’ Sleep” Comfort Guarantee

BioPosture is a brand of RV Winkle LLC.

We are so confident that you will love your BioPosture Mattress that we offer this “90-Good Nights’ Sleep” Comfort Guarantee. Our customer satisfaction rate is over 98%.

If you are not comfortable after the 90th night of sleep on your new BioPosture Mattress (but before 120 nights), we will replace it or refund your purchase price, at the discretion of RV Winkle management. If purchaser agrees to receive a replacement, no further replacement or refund will be issued.

If the purchase was under the terms of our Buy1/Get1 Promotion and a refund is issued, it will be in the amount of half of the total price of the two BioPosture mattresses. A refund option is not available on the second “FREE” BioPosture Mattress.

Before a purchase is refunded, the mattress will be picked up and donated (where permitted) to a homeless shelter or charity.  In some geographic areas our pick-up service is not available.  In those cases, purchaser is responsible for disposal and upon RV Winkle receiving proof of disposal, the refund will be issued.

This Guarantee does not apply to any accessories such as BedToppers, BioPillows, SimpleLife Foundations, Power Adjustable Bases, Mattress Protectors, etc.

Susan Metoxen90 “Good Nights’ Sleep” Comfort Guarantee