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BioPosture® is the bedding products brand developed with Doctors for the benefit of their Patients to provide a therapeutic sleep environment and improve sleep wellness for faster recovery.​ BioPosture is exclusively marketed through licensed health-care providers and purveyors of DME/HME, pain-management clinics, sleep centers, etc.

The BioPosture Network is your gateway to improve Patient outcomes and increase your practice income. BioPosture provides doctors, and other licensed healthcare professionals, with a free and convenient process to recommend and/or sell BioPosture products to your Patients and Customers.  Network members can receive referral fees or elect to resell BioPosture products to earn more income.

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Product Features

BioPosture Mattresses, BioPillows and BedToppers are covered in CELLIANT®, a patented ceramic textile that promotes tissue oxygenation for healthier sleep and faster recovery.

BioPosture Mattresses are FDA-determined medical devices, have a high customer satisfaction rating, and a return rate significantly less than the industry average. BioPosture products are fabricated in the USA, without toxic chemical flame retardants.

Shipping is free within the Continental US.

Member Benefits

  • Receive Patient information and marketing materials at no cost
  • BioPosture ships directly to your Patients; no inventory required
  • Earn incremental practice income
    • Refer Patients to the, or
    • Purchase products from BioPosture and resell to your Patients
  • Purchase products at Doctor Pricing for yourself and your Team
  • Free Doctor programs, including Certified Sleep Specialist (CSS)