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BioPosture products are available to Patients through their Chiropractor. To get more information on our products and to learn more about income opportunities available to Chiropractors, complete the form below to register for the BioPosture Network.  There is no cost or obligation.  After you register, you will receive an email to complete your account set up.


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Improve patient outcomes and increase your practice income by joining the BioPosture Network.

Join with leading Healthcare Professionals who enjoy incremental income by recommending or re-selling BioPosture Mattress, BedToppers and BioPillows to their Patients.

BioPosture products with Celliant® are determined to be "Medical Devices" and "General Wellness Products" by the FDA and are only available through licensed Healthcare Professionals who join the BioPosture Network.

Bioposture Mattress with an ocean view
The BioPosture Advantage
  • Made in the USA and shipped free within the Continental US.
  • Can be manufactured without the chemical flame retardants with a Letter of Medical Necessity.
  • Special discounts to Doctors and staff for personal use.
  • Network Doctors and staff receive patient marketing support at no cost.
  • Not sold at retail or on Amazon...A doctor exclusive brand!