Revenue Opportunities for Doctors

Patients routinely ask their Chiropractor for mattress recommendations. Your Patients believe that you are best able to provide informed advice on this important healthcare decision.  We agree.
BioPosture provides a Doctor-exclusive income opportunity when responding to these inquiries.


A premium provider of mattresses, pillows, and bed toppers.  We make our products available exclusively through Chiropractors and other licensed healthcare professionals to help improve Patient outcomes.


We offer a full line of BioMemoryFoam Mattresses, Pillows and BedToppers. Inspired by Chiropractors to professional sports teams, our products are designed to provide optimal orthopedic support and BioPosture is the only Celliant®-covered mattress available without toxic flame-retardant chemicals.

Doctor Opportunity

Create a new source of profit for your practice by simply referring Patients to Earn 10% on the total pre-tax amount of each Patient order.  BioPosture delivers all Mattresses and BedToppers directly to your Patient. There is no investment, no cost and no inventory to carry.

Doctor Support

BioPosture provides you with dedicated email and phone support and all marketing materials are free of charge. We also offer free access to our library of resources and Doctor Programs, including an online Certified Sleep Specialist program.

How it Works

Improved sleep results in better health and recovery.  Patients seeking healthier lifestyles and improved outcomes will benefit from BioPosture products, and you are in the best position to counsel them. BioPosture has created a simple process that helps you improve Patient outcomes while increasing your practice income.


Income Potential Example

Active members of the BioPosture Network can earn incremental practice income by referring BioPosture products to their Patients.  Below are two income illustrations based upon a Doctor’s Patient volume and level of engagement with BioPosture products.

BioPosture provides free marketing materials and dedicated support to help each Doctor achieve their full earning potential.  Results will vary based on your Patient activity and your engagement level. There is no commitment or minimum participation requirement. There is no limit on the amount of income that can be earned by any one Doctor or by any multi-Doctor practice.

Scenario 1

Mattresses Units Sold/Year 8
Average Referral Fee $250
Doctor Earnings $2,000
BedToppers Units Sold/Year 6
Average Referral Fee $45
Doctor Earnings $270
Pillows Units Sold/Year 70
Average Resale Profit $60
Doctor Earnings $4,200
Total Doctor Earnings $6,470

Scenario 2

Mattresses Units Sold/Year 44
Average Referral Fee $250
Doctor Earnings $11,000
BedToppers Units Sold/Year 16
Average Referral Fee $45
Doctor Earnings $720
Pillows Units Sold/Year 168
Average Resale Profit $60
Doctor Earnings $10,080
Total Doctor Earnings $21,800


Scenario 1 Scenario 2
Patient appointments /month 560 800
Patients needing new bedding 15% 15%
Patient referral to BioPosture/month 84 120
Referrals converting to a purchase 8% 16%
Patient purchases/year 84 228
  • Patient activity varies by practice.
  • Our experience indicates that Chiropractic Patients replace bedding at a higher rate than the national average of 10% per year.
  • Doctor recommends BioPosture to each applicable patient.
  • Only a fraction of Patients that you refer will make a purchase.
  • Pillow sales shown are sold on a resale basis; Doctor receives profit on each sale.

Get Started

If you have previously registered in the BioPosture Network, or forgot your username or password, click on Doctor Login in the menu bar at the top of this page.

If you are not already a member of the BioPosture Network, join now to set a course to improve Patient outcomes while increasing your practice income.  There is no cost or obligation to join the Network.

Want to Earn Even More?

As a BioPosture Reseller:

  • You purchase BioPosture products at Doctor Pricing Shop and resell those products to your Patients at up to the website price.
  • You take on more responsibility on each Patient transaction, but your profits on each Mattress and BedTopper are significantly more than on Patient referrals.
  • You can continue to conduct referral sales based on Doctor/Patient preferences.

To become a BioPosture Reseller, click the Join the Network button above, or contact Ally Bright at or call (888) 642-4800.