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FDA Determined Medical Device and General Wellness Product.

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Celliant is a revolutionary, patented technology that harnesses and recycles the body's natural energy through the medium of fibers. Celliant's applied science utilizes a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients that are embedded into the core of the fiber. Use of products containing this technology has been clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels, improve athletic performance, sleep quality, health and wellness. Fibers, yarns and fabrics with Celliant technology can be found in some of the world's most recognized name brands.


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How Celliant Works


First Step.

Celliant’s proprietary mix of 13 thermo-reactive minerals is embedded into the core of polyester fibers during the extrusion process.

Second Step.

These embedded minerals give any product developed with Celliant the ability to absorb and re-emit the visible and infrared electromagnetic light energy emitted by the body.


Third Step.

These minerals then alter the wavelengths of this energy and reflect them back to the body, even through multiple layers of fabrics, making it possible for the tissue to absorb it.

Fourth Step.

The energy that Celliant recycles back to the body triggers vasodilation in the capillary bed and makes more oxygen available to your cells. This results in more fuel for your body.


Fifth Step.

This natural, biological process improves blood flow resulting in an average increase in tissue oxygenation of 7%. The result: your body uses oxygen more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Celliant® is a revolutionary, patented technology which utilizes a blend of minerals and proprietary ingredients embedded into a fiber's core. The embedded minerals convert the body's natural energy (heat) in infrared (IR) light and reflect the IR back into the body's tissue and muscles.
Celliant technology uses a proprietary blend of thermo-reactive minerals to convert natural energy (heat) leaving the body into infrared light (IR) and sends it back to the body where it is absorbed by the tissue and muscles. IR waves are beneficial as they penetrate deep into the tissue. This energy causes the body to increase blood flow and oxygen wherever it is applied. Another benefit is thermoregulation.
Celliant is a unique blend of 13 thermo-reactive minerals including titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide. Additional proprietary ingredients are blended with polyester fiber to create a variety of staple fibers, spun and filament yarns, and fabric blends.
While you will not necessarily be able to perceive or feel an increase in blood, oxygenation or blood flow, clinical testing has measured an increase in skin oxygen levels (TTCPO2) and consistently recorded significant improvements across a wide spectrum of test subjects. Consumers who try Celliant often experience increased comfort and an over all improved sense of health.
Products enhanced with Celliant technology can be covered or layered without losing effectiveness. Clothing, sheets, and laminated or waterproof fabrics do not hinder the efficacy of Celliant to recycle energy to the body. The body's electromagnetic emissions travel through clothing, wood, glass and even concrete. The energy your body emits is the same that's seen in technology used by the military to view humans inside buildings.
No, by reemitting energy back into the body, the process acts as a thermal regulator to help balance body temperature. When blood flow is increased, the body is able to either warm up or cool down, depending on the external environment, more easily through convection..
No, Celliant's patented technology is embedded into the core of the fibers so that it can not wash or wear out; the technology is not based on a coating or an application. Therefore, the benefits of Celliant technology last the life of the fiber and products do not require special care.