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Jim McGrann joins Sleep BioLogics Board of Directors

Sleep BioLogics, Inc, the successor by merger to RV Winkle, LLC,  owner of the BioPosture™ brand of doctor recommended infrared enhanced mattresses, announced today that Jim McGrann, formerly President/CEO of VSP Global, is joining the Company’s Board and has taken an equity position in Sleep BioLogics, Inc.

VSP Global is a $5 billion company that owns VSP Vision Care, the largest healthcare company in the world, by membership, with over 78 million enrolled members and a network of 32,000 eye doctors in the United States, Australia, The United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland.

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tjaywillJim McGrann joins Sleep BioLogics Board of Directors

Dr. Silverman on Sleep

Dr. Silverman explains the importance of sleep in this 10 minute video. Dr. Silverman recommends the BioPosture mattress.

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Susan MetoxenDr. Silverman on Sleep

Why You Need Sleep to Live a Healthy Life

March is National Sleep Awareness Month-and to celebrate, we should all be getting a little, or a lot, more sleep. Sleep experts say we should get seven to nine hours each night, but as many as one third of Americans sleep for less than six hours regularly.

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Susan MetoxenWhy You Need Sleep to Live a Healthy Life

BioPosture Names Savio Chan Chairman of Asian Operations

Company to Offer Mattress and Sleep Products to Growing Chinese Middle Class Market

GARDEN CITY, New YorkJan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — RV Winkle LLC, (RVW) owner of the BioPosture brand, a United States manufacturer of mattresses and pillows marketed exclusively through the US healthcare community, announced today an agreement with US China Partners to market and sell its products in Asia. To lead this effort, the company has named Savio S. Chan, CEO of US China Partners, who will also serve as the company’s Chairman of Asia operations.

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Susan MetoxenBioPosture Names Savio Chan Chairman of Asian Operations

Dr. Dennis Woggon Joins the BioPosture Professional Advisory Board

August 8, 2017

RV Winkle, LLC, owner of the BioPosture brand, is honored to announce that Dr. Dennis Woggon, founder of the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute in St. Cloud, Minnesota, has agreed to join the BioPosture Professional Advisory Board.

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Susan MetoxenDr. Dennis Woggon Joins the BioPosture Professional Advisory Board

Meet Dr. Rob Silverman

My name is Dr. Rob Silverman, ACA 2015 sports chiropractor of the year and the newest member of the BioPosture Advisory Board.

BioPosture produces a very special mattress that my wife and I sleep on.  It has been available exclusively thru healthcare professionals for almost a decade and its design is revolutionary.

A BioPosture mattress provides cool-sleeping, open-cell memory foam comfort inside with technology outside.  It supercharges your sleep by using a patented responsive textile that provides you with the benefits of Infrared Energy.  This supports improved circulation, speeds recovery and helps reduce pain. All while you sleep in total comfort in an ambient temperature environment.

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tjaywillMeet Dr. Rob Silverman

Doc, could my mattress be part of the problem?


We know this is a question DC’s hear regularly. And you know the answer is often “yes”.

Now you have an answer that your patients can’t get anywhere else… BioPosture.

Americans should purchase a new mattress every 10 years But many patients are still sleeping on mattresses 15-20 years old, well past their effective life as a spinal support surface.

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tjaywillDoc, could my mattress be part of the problem?

The Chemicals in Most Mattresses

Most people don’t know that every mattress manufactured in the United States is federally-mandated to be treated with a chemical fire retardant.

Every mattress except BioPosture.

Because BioPosture mattresses can be “prescribed” by Chiropractors and related healthcare professionals, they are treated differently.  

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tjaywillThe Chemicals in Most Mattresses