Meet Dr. Rob Silverman

My name is Dr. Rob Silverman, ACA 2015 sports chiropractor of the year and the newest member of the BioPosture Advisory Board.

BioPosture produces a very special mattress that my wife and I sleep on.  It has been available exclusively thru healthcare professionals for almost a decade and its design is revolutionary.

A BioPosture mattress provides cool-sleeping, open-cell memory foam comfort inside with technology outside.  It supercharges your sleep by using a patented responsive textile that provides you with the benefits of Infrared Energy.  This supports improved circulation, speeds recovery and helps reduce pain. All while you sleep in total comfort in an ambient temperature environment.

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tjaywillMeet Dr. Rob Silverman

Doc, could my mattress be part of the problem?

We know this is a question DC’s hear regularly. And you know the answer is often “yes”.

Now you have an answer that your patients can’t get anywhere else… BioPosture.

Americans should purchase a new mattress every 10 years But many patients are still sleeping on mattresses 15-20 years old, well past their effective life as a spinal support surface.

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tjaywillDoc, could my mattress be part of the problem?

The Chemicals in Most Mattresses

Most people don’t know that every mattress manufactured in the United States is federally-mandated to be treated with a chemical fire retardant.

Every mattress except BioPosture.

Because BioPosture mattresses can be “prescribed” by Chiropractors and related healthcare professionals, they are treated differently.  

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tjaywillThe Chemicals in Most Mattresses