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BioPosture 3″ Bed Topper


The only available Bed Topper, with Celliant®, determined to be a “MEDICAL DEVICE” by the FDA.

The BioPosture bed topper is 3″ of extraordinary comfort and support. Covered in Celliant® for the health benefits of infrared energy. Comes with elastic straps to secure to any mattress. Experience the benefits of the BioPosture mattress with a minimal investment.

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America's Healthiest Mattress

Mattress Cutaway Showing the Technology in the BioPosture Mattress

Optimal Balance of Comfort & Support

BioPosture's patented design was perfected with input from top doctors and chiropractors, offering 3 layers of comfort and support foams to ensure proper pressure relief and spinal alignment, without being too firm or too soft. You sleep on it, not in it.

Cool Sleep with Temperature Regulation Technology

Our BioMemoryFoam™ uses proprietary Open Cell foam 20 times more breathable than traditional memory foams or soft latex and has 13 times faster heat dissipation. Every mattress is covered in Celliant for healthy infrared benefits, which also promotes thermoregulation to keep you cool.

Eco-Friendly & Free of Harmful Chemicals

In addition to being available without chemical flame retardants, BioPosture mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified. This means low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions for minimal off-gassing and no harmful chemicals like lead or formaldehyde. BioMemoryFoam™ is also made with plant oil substitutes to lessen the environmental impact.

See Why Customers Love BioPosture

"We’re totally in love with our BioPosture! We can’t decide if we like getting into bed more or waking up relaxed and refreshed every morning."

Mark & Maddy, New York

"In more than 25 years I have not slept so well. This mattress has brought me relief I never dreamed possible."

Tandy, Florida

"I can literally feel the bed molding to shape my weight so as to perfectly align my spine. Not to mention the help with endless pain that used to torment me day and night. I actually sleep without medicine and severe pain all night now!"

Tom, Texas

What the Mattress Experts Are Saying



"The BioPosture mattress feels great and will please all types of sleepers. Very few mattresses can accomplish this feat. It provides amazing support without being too firm...Get this mattress if you want to sleep easy knowing you are getting proper spinal support and all the benefits of Celliant to help your body recover after a stressful day."


"BioPosture is unique in that its mattresses have been prescribed by thousands of doctors over the last 7 years, so they know a thing or two about building a great mattress and aren’t just another Bed-In-A-Box mattress vendor.

The premium materials used in the design of the BioPosture work together to provide a very comfortable yet supportive mattress that is ideal for all sleeping of the highest quality mattresses that we have reviewed."


Frequently Asked Questions

The BioPosture 3″ Bed Topper its the only topper that is covered in the patented and clinically-proven Celliant fabric for the health benefits of infrared energy. You get the same benefits of a Celliant Mattress costing hundreds or even thousands more.

The BioPosture Bed Topper turns your old mattress into an oasis of comfort and support. It literally supercharges your sleep by reflecting your body's natural energy, converting it to healthy infrared light and recycling it back throughout the night. This improves blood flow for faster recovery from injury and pain. There is no sensation of heat, as Celliant keeps you sleeping in an ambient room temperature environment.

Every BioPosture 3" Bed Topper comes with elastic straps to secure to your existing mattress. A great way to achieve BioPosture's health benefits if you are not ready to invest in a new mattress.

Like all of our BioPosture mattresses, our Toppers are unique in their design and construction to provide the highest level of spinal support.

The FDA has determined that the BioPosture Bed Topper with Celliant, is a "Medical Device" and "General Wellness Product".

BioPosture sleep products were developed in consultation with top Sports Doctors of Chiropractic, to provide the optimum in orthopedic support, superior sleep comfort and enhanced recovery from the stresses of activity and every day life. Importantly, BioPosture enjoys an amazing customer satisfaction of over 98%.

Note: Topper sizes can vary by up to one inch.

TWIN: 39" X 75"
TWIN XL: 39" X 80"
FULL: 54" X 75"
FULL XL: 54" X 80"
QUEEN: 60" X 80"
KING: 76" X 80"
CA. KING: 72" X 84"

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