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Celliant Increases the Quality of Your Sleep

Your body produces enough energy to continually power a 100-watt lightbulb. Unfortunately, our body releases this energy as body heat instead of reusing it. What if we could harness that energy to re-energize ourselves during sleep? Now you can do just that, by sleeping on Celliant! Celliant is the most reliable infrared textile on the market today -- and it is proven to help you sleep. Because of this, we make BioPosture mattresses with a covering of maximum-content Celliant fabric.

How Celliant is made

Celliant is created by combining thermo-reactive minerals with liquid polyester resin, then turning that mixture into fibers. The mineral blend contains 13 naturally-occurring minerals. Some of these are photocatalysts like titanium dioxide, or reflective minerals like silicon dioxide. Before they mix them into the fibers, they grind these minerals into a fine powder. Because of this process, the minerals will never wash out of the fabric. They are the fabric. These fibers are then sewn into clothing, insulation, and sleep solutions like BioPosture mattresses, all for the purpose of helping you sleep better.

How Celliant works

Infrared light is a wavelength of light that we can’t see (at least without the use of night-vision goggles). However, this sort of light penetrates deeper into muscle and tissue because of its long wavelength. In fact, it can even have a positive effect on a cellular level, aiding in metabolic function and removing toxins. Infrared light can help cells regenerate and recuperate.

The minerals in Celliant collect the body heat we emit. However, instead of holding on to it, they send it right back into our muscles and tissue in the form of infrared light.

This increases the quality and quantity of your sleep in four ways.

Celliant helps you sleep by increasing circulation.

Reflected infrared light widens your blood vessels. This increases the efficiency of blood flow throughout your body, which has a range of wonderful effects on your sleep.

Celliant supports improved circulation

Consequence of a temporary increase in local blood flow" is that your body tissue and muscle receive more oxygen, which in turn supports recovery and provides more energy. While you sleep, Celliant works for you.

Regulate your temperature for better sleep. 

Your body needs to thermoregulate itself in order for you to get the best sleep possible. Most of us are dealing with excess body heat from digesting food, physical activity, and even from illness. Celliant helps you maintain equilibrium by constantly circulating your body heat out of and back into your body. This not only cools you down, but it also directs heat to parts of your body that need a certain level to be comfortable, like your hands and feet. All of this increases your sleep quality.

Celliant Supports Better Sleep. 

All of these benefits add up to a single thing: Celliant increases the quality of your sleep, so you can get better sleep, every night.

In a recent study by UC Irvine, subjects who slept on Celliant fell asleep 15 minutes faster on average. They reduced their wake time at night by an average of 18.3 minutes. Subjects also slept an average of 42 minutes less, suggesting a higher sleep efficiency -- all from using Celliant.

Plenty of Proof to Help You Sleep

The parent company of Celliant (Hologenix, LLC) set up a Science Advisory Board. This board's sole purpose is to manage new testing for their products. It includes proven experts in phototechnology, sleep medicine, diabetes and wound healing. The SAB has substantiated Celliant’s benefits through a series of 8 peer-reviewed clinical studies  completed by respected third parties. Because of this rigorous validation, Celliant is FDA-determined as a Class 1 Medical Device. This means that products that use Celliant are considered medical devices by the FDA.

Because of all of these incredible benefits, BioPosture chooses to use Celliant in our sleep solutions.

Talk to your doctor today to find out how Celliant and BioPosture can increase the quality of your sleep, every night.