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Doc, could my mattress be part of the problem?

So why not “prescribe” the only American-made mattress that is available only through Chiropractors? BioPosture is made on- order and can be manufactured without the chemical-laden, federally-mandated fire retardant treatment with a signed Letter of Medical Necessity And BioPosture is finished in the patented fabric, Celliant, for clinically-proven infrared wellness benefits.

It is important to note that BioPosture is only available through the referral of healthcare professionals…practitioners who know their patient’s body structural needs best…and who can “prescribe” the right support surface for that patient. In most cases, that is a mattress providing the optimum combination of firm support and comfort. BioPosture was designed to provide exactly that combination.

tjaywillDoc, could my mattress be part of the problem?